Our Healing programs are designed to equip survivors and those who care for them through Healing techniques and Wellness practices that are Holistic, addressing: Mind, Body and Soul effects of their experiences in the safe, nurturing environment of our community.


P31 Career Empowerment Workshop

We want to empower women to take charge of their own potential through understanding that the challenges of starting over on your own defines your strength and not your limits. Our P:31 Career empowerment Workshop is designed to help guide survivors through the workforce process and becoming financially independent.

The objective is to help the participants feel safe and confident throughout the process of getting a job by helping them raise their thinking from "just getting a job" to "starting a career." This may be accomplished by fully acknowledging and understanding the particular challenges that survivors often face. The workshop refers to many different career types - blue collar and white collar - and is relevant for survivors with any skill set. The session covers five key topics:

  1. Job Safety
  2. Career Planning
  3. Preparing for Your Job Search (Resume tips, computer skills, industry research)
  4. Getting Started in Your Career (Interview techniques, image presentation)
  5. Financial Literacy (Budget building, savings plan, debt management)


Victory Wellness

We believe in using multiple channels for healing. Nature is a place where one can go to restore mental and physical well-being. Physical wellness is an important part of the healing journey.

We use Victory Hiking as a platform for emotional release, healing, and transformation.  If you already enjoy a healthy hike in the woods or on the beach to clear your mind, then we think you’ll loveVictory Hiking

 We focus on creating a safe environment while focusing on the following objectives:

  • Takes you away from the isolation trap caused by abusers
  • Support group for similar women with similar experience’s
  • Goal setting forum
  • Confidence boosting
  • Physical and mental health wellness



Spiritual Healing


We work with local churches and other denominations to provide spiritual counseling, prayer or meditation. These options are available to anyone that would like to seek help or guidance from a trained spiritual leader.